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EOL Capital specializes in the tech sector, providing services and solutions to investors and startups. Combining the skills of a boutique investment bank with the gentle touch of a family office providing financial management advisory, fundraising solutions and personalized investor services

Services & Solutions



EOL Capital assist general partners and entrepreneurs in their fund raising journey. We assist in building the financial plan, the investment thesis and finding investors. Using our network and expertise we are able to bring to the table private and institutional investors and get you funded.


Financial Consulting

EOL Capital provides financial management services to venture capital funds, high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs. From financial planning through consulting and executing investments, funding, banking relationship management, M&A transactions as well as investment portfolio management. Our financial advisory service is set together with you to fit your exact specific needs, tailor made just for you.


Secondary Transactions

EOL Capital provides qualified high net worth individuals, angel investors and institutional investors the ability to sell and buy high-tech companies shares through secondary transactions. We excel in executing small medium transactions that are below the radar for traditional secondary funds. We provide flexible and innovative deal structures to facilitate small transactions.

Investment Portfolio Cleanup

EOL Capital provides portfolio clean-up service to investors offering the opportunity to sell and dispose of fully depreciated, zero valued investments easily and realize the loss.

Investment portfolios by nature contain successful and non-successful investments which get stuck in the portfolio, becoming “zombie”, until final dissolution, this interim period is in the Risk but No reward quadrant, better get out of this zone – We have the solution, we can get you out of this.

Best serve: VCs, PE Funds, CVCs, Angel Investors and Funds in Dissolution.

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So Why
Use Our
Portfolio Cleanup?

Risk Mitigation
Reduce risk of uncovered claims due to lack of D&O insurance coverage at the portfolio company level.
Tax Benefits
Enable the recognition of capital losses and the respective tax benefits.
Cut Expenses
Cut down portfolio management costs of tracking and reporting zero valued investments.
Focus investment team on the real value creators.
Low Fees
Each transaction is charged by a fixed low price of $399.
Fast. Simple.
Complete transaction in 3 simple steps.
Commence cleanup

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Our Mobile App

As part of our commitment to provide effective financial solutions EOL Capital will be launching a toolbox app, to the benefit of angel investors, entrepreneurs, and start-ups employees

About Us

EOL Capital was formed by seasoned executives with 30 years experience in financial and investment management in the technology sector. We believe in people that follow their passions and dreams towards an exiting and successful journey and in those who are doing it in a good way. We provide comprehensive suit of services and solutions to the professional investors’ community. ​We are always available and happy to assist investors and entrepreneurs in their journey to success.

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